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“I truly believe that birth is an intimate & magical life experience, a rite of passage, a sacred portal, transcendent and empowering, a source of strength and gratitude towards women’s amazing bodies, a source of confidence to start your mothering journey.”


Hi, I’m Houyem and I’m glad that you’re here.


If you’re a woman wanting to reconnect to your innate wisdom,

you’re at the right place.



Whether you’re:

  • Aiming for a conscious conception and a deeply connected, grounded and graceful pregnancy

  • Dreaming of a transcendent and empowering birth and wondering how you can do this

  • Healing a traumatic birth that is impacting your life as a mother, partner, and woman

  • Ready to take control of your reproductive choices and don’t know where to start.


I’m honoured to share with you the wise woman knowledge and transformational tools so you can manifest your life experiences with confidence, joy and serenity.


Over the years, I have supported many women through their conception, pregnancy & birth journey as a doula, childbirth educator and birth coach and as a yoga teacher as I’ve discovered the power of movement & body-mind-heart connection. 


I am a mother of 2 and currently live in Dubai, UAE with my little family.

Coaching & classes are currently available in person (in the UAE) and online via zoom and accessible from anywhere.


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