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Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start to get prepared for your birth?

Do you need one-on-one guidance to help you reconnect at a deep soul level to what really matters to you when it it comes to making the best choices for you and your baby?


Do you need support in clarifying your needs, get in tune with your truest self or optimize your hospital birth?


Together we will dive into your dream birth and reconnect with your innate female wisdom, your source of strength. I will share with you self-mastery tools to unpack your fears, reclaim your power, trust your intuition and approach your birth with power to make your dream birth a reality.



The session includes:

One 90-minute session (face-to-face or online)

Initial exploration exercises

Prompts & worksheets to help you clarify your birth plan

Personalised resources

Specific resources that will help you dive deeply on some of your questions and concerns

during our session

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