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Are you looking for another way to take charge of your contraception and fertility, without harmful hormones?


Do you feel a desire to tune in with the rhythms of your body?


Do you crave a reconnection with your feminine wisdom?


Join a community of women and discover together the magic of your menstrual cycle, the beauty of being a woman and gain a sense of ease and peace around your fertility, contraceptive choices and general health.

During this course, you will get a better understanding of your body and your cycles through the scientifically proven method of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) on how to:

  • Understand the power of your cycle in all areas of your life

  • Read your body signs and track ovulation

  • Prevent a pregnancy with ease and without hormones and toxins

  • Plan a pregnancy by identifying with certainty your fertile period 

  • Using your cycle information to tune into your health and hormones and to live with more ease and flow

  • Practice self-care & connect to your feminine wisdom.

  • Introduce the ancient practice of womb steaming into your life


Empowered Woman2.png

Included in the course

4 live weekly sessions of 2 hours

3 live monthly follow-up sessions of 1 hour

Fertility Awareness Method fundamentals, charts & resources

Information & tools for your own self-care practice

Access to a Community group to receive support between sessions

Womb steaming Cedar steam chair & herbs for 10 steams

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