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Do you feel a desire to tune in with the rhythms of your body?


Do you crave a reconnection with your feminine wisdom?


Are you looking for another way to take charge of your reproductive choices, without harmful hormones?


Fertility Awareness is for you!


I believe every woman deserves full power and autonomy over her own body. I work to support you in gaining a sense of ease and peace around your fertility, health, and pregnancy choices.



At the end of these coaching series, you will get a better awareness of your body and your cycles and the knowledge and the tools on how to:

Plan a pregnancy by identifying with certainty your fertile period 


Prevent a pregnancy with ease and without hormones and toxins

Assess your hormonal health

The coaching series includes:

Three 90-minute session (face-to-face or online) over 3 cycles

Initial exploration questionnaire

Continuous support through Whatsapp during the coaching series

Personalized resources

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