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What if your postpartum could be an opportunity to flourish?


A sacred time of bonding, caring for and loving your baby while you are being fed nourishing foods, supported and held with reverence.

Yes, postpartum is sacred and it is known that how a mother is cared for during the postpartum time will deeply impact her health through meonopause and beyond.



You’ve birthed your baby and went through one of the most transcendent experience in your life. This life that has been growing in you and from you is here now and the only thing you want is to care for and love this child.

You feel so many emotions, your body is different and you have so many questions. It can be a lot to handle. It can be overwhelming.

I am here for you through this transition wherever you are in your mothering journey, whether you are preparing for your first postpartum or you desire a different experience this time, a devoted care as you navigate this transformation.


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I offer physical, emotional and mental support through:

Breastfeeding support

Newborn care & sleep guidance

Baby-wearing education

Nutritious meals preparation & herbal remedies

Yoni steaming

Help with emotional and physical recovery

Birth experience debrief

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