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Your baby is here!


You’re in love with her and so grateful that she is finally here. However, you feel stuck or struggle with unhelpful emotions.


You can’t stop thinking about your birth and keep asking yourself ‘what if?’

You feel unheard and don’t know where to turn to or you are told that ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’.

But you have the deep knowing that your birth experience was wrong and left you filled with anxiety and distress and that it has a negative impact on your day to day life.

Are you ready to unpack your birth experience and your thoughts and feelings around it ? Do you feel tired of feeling victim of your story and are ready to transform your pain into power?


I’m here for you wherever you’re at in your journey.

In this 90 minute 1:1 session, I will hold your space and hear your story, acknowledge and validate your truth and give you the self-mastery tools to move forward

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