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Through evidence-based research, fear clearing tools and loving support, you’ll get a deep understanding of how birth actually works, how to explore your beliefs about birth and your own body and how to tap into your inner wisdom and reclaim your power in order to find your way and manifest your dream birth.

Are you dreaming of a powerful and joyful birth?






Do you have a deep knowing that the way we birth is important?


Do you want to approach your birth with clarity and confidence?

But you don’t know where to start, you have fears and worries and tons of questions…


I’m here to tell you that birth can be the most fulfilling experience of your life, that you don’t have to be a passive participant in your birth and that you can approach your birthing time with serenity, clarity and power.




At the end of the course, you’ll get the knowledge

and the tools on how to:


Overcome your fears around birth & parenting & connect with your intuition

Feel confident & prepared for the onset of the birth process, its sensations and variations of normal

Clarify your needs and desires & prepare your mind, heart & body

Give the best support as a birth partner


The course includes:

Four two-hour sessions (face-to-face or online)

Initial exploration exercises

Prompts & worksheets to help you clarify your priorities, desires and fears

Personalised resources

Specific resources that will help you dive deeply on some of your questions and concerns

during our sessions

My top 10 tips to prepare for a blissful postpartum

This course is not a generic childbirth preparation course and is designed around your specific

needs and desires.

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